Mortgage Products For Existing Customers

If your existing special rate period is coming to an end, you wish to switch to another product, or borrow more, our range of products for existing customers might be ideal for you.

To ensure you get the right mortgage, our preference is that our qualified Mortgage Advisors advise and make recommendations for you based on your current and future circumstances.

However, if you simply wish to switch your product, already know which product you want, and don't wish to make any other variations or borrow any additional funds you can call us with the following information and take advantage of our execution only level of service:

  • Product Name
  • Interest Rate

  • If you are eligible for execution only we will not be assessing the suitability of the regulated mortgage contract or variation for you. And, you will not benefit from the protection of the Advised Sales Mortgage Conduct of Business rules on assessing suitability.

    Product Switches - Discount Mortgages

    Keep your repayments to a minimum in the first few years of your mortgage. As the interest rate is variable, this type of mortgage is ideal if you don’t mind your payments varying as interest rates change

    Issue No Product Name LTV* %
    RS31 95% 2 Year Discount 95% LTV
    RS32 80% 2 Year Discount 80% LTV
    RS33 90% 2 Year Discount 90% LTV
    RS34 80% 3 Year Discount 80% LTV
    RS35 90% 3 Year Discount 90% LTV
    RS36 80% 5 Year Discount 80% LTV
    RS37 90% 5 Year Discount 90% LTV

    Product Switches - Fixed Mortgages

    If you want the security of knowing exactly what your mortgage repayments will be for the duration of the fixed rate period along with protection against rising interest rates then this is the ideal type of mortgage for you.

    Issue No Product Name LTV %
    RS14 2 Year Fixed Rate 95% LTV

    Product Switches - Self Build

    This type of mortgage may be suitable for existing self build mortgage customers who have completed their development and wish to switch to a new discount variable rate mortgage.

    Issue No Product Name LTV %
    RS10 Scheme Transfer 2 Year Discount (completed self-build CBS customers only) 80% LTV

    Additional Borrowing

    Borrow more on your existing mortgage and keep your repayments to a minimum in the first few years. As the interest rate is variable, this type of product is suitable if you don't mind your payments varying as interest rates change.

    Issue No Product Name LTV %
    S419 1% Discount for 2 Years 90% LTV

    Product Switches – Buy to Let

    Whether it's for single properties or large property portfolios, we are able to provide competitive and flexible finance to landlords.

    Issue No Product Name LTV %
    RS30 80% 2 Year Discount 80% LTV

    * LTV stands for "Loan To Value" and is a ratio which describes the mortgage advance as a percentage of the purchase price or property valuation whichever is the lower.


    The Society reserves the right to withdraw all products and incentives without notice.